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Sol-Care® Vacuum Activated Blood Collection Safety Tube Holder Set

The Sol-Care Vacuum Activated Blood Collection Safety Tube Holder Set is an innovative, exclusive blood collection safety accessory. The unique retraction mechanism is built into the special tube.

After all specimens are drawn, the tube is pushed into the needle/hub assembly and withdraws the used needle, protecting the healthcare worker from any chance of accidental needlestick.

  • ‍Dominant hand remains on last tube and behind the proximal end of tube holder

  • Safety mechanism is integral part of device and doesn't block sight of needle tip

  • Hands remain behind needle during the point of greatest potential hazard

  • Complies with OSHA regulations to prevent cross-contamination

Sol-Care® Safety Winged Infusion Sets

Sol-Care Safety Winged Infusion Sets are intended for short-term IV medication administration. Each infusion set is equipped with a sliding safety mechanism that is activated after the infusion has completed, helping to prevent needlestick injuries.

  • Sliding safety shield, helps preventing needlestick injuries

  • Flexible, color-coded wings

  • Thin-wall needle

  • DEHP-free kink-resistant tubing

  • Compatible with luer connectors

Sol-M® Lancing Device

The Sol-M lancing Device is used for capillary blood sampling required in daily diabetes management programs.

  • Offers 6 settings for depth puncture

  • Red visual indicator confirms when lancing device is ready for use.

  • Works with most general lancets

Sol-Guard® Safety Needle

The Sol-Guard® Safety Needle is designed with an intuitive safety shield mechanism that encapsulates the needle after injection, in order to prevent needlestick injuries.

  • Two options for protective arm activation: hard surface activation and thumb activation

  • Ridges on the finger pad allow for simple and safe one-handed activation

  • An audible and tactile click clearly indicates the safety shield is secure and locked into place

  • Hubs, protective shields, and packaging are color-coded for immediate identification of needles
      gauges (ISO-6009 in compliance with criteria given by OSHA)

  • Protective safety arm does not obstruct visualization of the injection site

  • Bevel-up needle orientation allows for low angle injections

Sol-Care® Safety Multi-Sample Needle

The Sol-Care Safety Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needle is designed with a safety shield that completely covers and locks over the needle after use to protect against needlestick injuries.

  • Safety shield aligns with a bevel up needle orientation, allowing for low-angle penetration

  • Pivoting safety shield with audible click that indicates it is locked in place

  • Safety mechanism is designed for one-handed activation

  • Safety shield is color coded to reduce potential errors

Sol-Care® Safety Winged Blood Collection Needle with Pre-attached Holder

The Sol-Care Safety Blood Collection Needle is a safety-engineered device with a sliding safety shield that clicks when activated, alerting you that the needle is safely locked.

  • Transparent design that allows visualization of the blood flashback and flow

  • Single-handed activation option that provides more flexibility to care for the patient and venipuncture site

  • Sliding safety shield pushes over the needle and locks with an audible click, protecting against needlestick injury

Sol-M® Blood Lancet

Sol-M Blood Lancet and Lancing Device are used for capillary blood sampling required in daily diabetes management programs.

  • Tri-bevel cut cannula generates proper blood sample size with less pain

  • Needle is equipped with a protective cap for increased saftey and easier placement

Sol-Care® I.V. Catheter with Protector

The Sol-Care I.V. Catheter is used for continuous and intermittent intravenous medication delivery.

  • It is designed with a safety feature that covers the needle bevel, helping to prevent needlestick injuries

  • Passive safety mechanism for the prevention of needlestick injuries

  • Needle bevel is designed for easy insertion that minimizes patient discomfort

  • Catheter is made of polyurethane (PUR), allowing for a softer catheter insertion that improves patient comfort

  • Variety of catheter gauges and lengths to accommodate for different clinical specialties, including Neonatology

Sol-M® Blood Collection Tube Holder

The Sol-M Blood Collection Tube Holder is compatible with standard multi-sample needles and blood collection tubes.

  • *Packing volume may vary based on region

Sol-M® Tourniquet

Precut, latex free elastic tourniquet strips are packaged in an easy dispensing box that is convenient to use and store.

  • Strong, durable, and elastic

  • Textured surface

  • Space saving, convenient packaging

  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Sol-M® Standard Insulin Syringe

The Sol-M Insulin syringe provides accurate and comfortable insulin administration.

  • Needles engineered to ensure comfortable insulin administration

  • Bold and clear graduated insulin unit markings for accurate dosing

  • Low dead space for improved accuracy and less medication waste

  • Available in multiple sizes

Sol-Guard® Safety Insulin Syringe

The Sol-Guard Safety Insulin Syringe provides accurate and comfortable insulin administration. Its safety shield helps to prevent needlestick injuries.

  • Audible and tactile click to ensure safety feature has been activated.

  • Low dead space - improved accuracy and less medication waste when compared to conventional syringes

  • Bold and clear graduated insulin unit markings

  • Large flange offers secure grip and easier medication dispensing

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