Who are we?

Sol-Millennium Medical Group

Sol-Millennium Medical Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment for people, patients and clinicians.

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Market Segments

Sol-Millennium is a vertically integrated global medical supply company with locations across the globe. We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of needles, syringes, and blood collection devices with a comprehensive line of medical supplies for every market segment.

North America
Product Catalog

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Sol-Vet Needles and Syringe Catalog
Bulk Non-Sterile Product Catalog
North American Product Catalog for Bulk Non-Sterile Items including Hypodermic Needle, Luer Lock syringe, Oral dispensing syringe, Blunt Fill & Blunt Fill needle with Filter, Safety Needle, and Anesthesia Needles
Blunt Fill and Filter Needle Sell Sheet
Sell sheet for the Blunt Fill Needle, Blunt Filter Needle, and Blunt Needle w/ Syringe combos.
Oral Syringe
Sol-M Oral Syringe guide with both amber and clear barrels
Luer Lock Syringe Trays
Luer Lock Sterile Convenience Trays intended for pharmacies
Blood Collection Catalog
Sol-Millennium’s SOL-CARE, SOL-M and SOL-GUARD product lines provide quality products and accessories for various specimen collection use cases. Stay up-to-date on latest Sol-Millennium blood collection product offering with current version of catalog.
Medication Delivery Catalog
Sol-Millennium offers a wide range of high quality, affordable Medication Delivery devices and accessories for various uses. Our complete line of needles, syringes, and accesories are designed to achieve the highest standards of care, convenience, and safety. Stay up-to-date on the latest Sol-Millennium Medication Delivery product offering by viewing our catalog.
Personal Protective Equipment Catalog
Sol-Millennium’s Personal Protective Equipment product lines provide quality products for a multitude of personal and professional use cases. Stay up-to-date on latest Sol-Millennium PPE product offering with current version of catalog.
Veterinary Care Products Catalog
Sol-Millennium’s Veterinary Care from SOL-VET, SOL-CARE, and SOL-M product lines provide quality products for standard procedures and most use cases. Stay up-to-date on latest Sol-Millennium Veterinary product offering with current version of catalog.

Why Sol-Millennium?


Our team is committed to improving the safety and well-being of healthcare workers, patients and downstream workers by reducing the risk of needlestick injury.


We offer a variety of patented products designed to assist healthcare workers in delivering the best care possible.


As a global healthcare company, we are dedicated to research and develop innovative products that meet changing clinical needs to promote a healthier tomorrow.

Global Presence

Sol-Millennium Group has a global reach with offices in Shanghai (Asia Pacific), Chicago (North America), Sao Paulo (South America) and Warsaw (EMEA).

Ethics and Compliance

Sol M is committed to being proactive in maintaining compliance to adhere the highest standards of quality and safety.